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Our 4th Birthday!!

Well that snuck up on us…what would we do without good old Facebook memories reminding of us special milestones!

4 years ago we purchased a CNC machine. The idea was originally born from Megan and Adam’s search for decorative screens, garden edging and other garden landscaping pieces to use in their own garden and the resulting realisation that there was nothing that met the brief within the desired price bracket, standard of quality or locality. Now, we would be lying if we said we all saw the potential that this venture had from the very beginning. If you asked Adam – We were going to create a successful business that produced high quality, reasonably priced products for both residential and commercial customers, IT WAS GOING TO BE AMAZING! Jack – This could be a cool hobby to run on the side of working full time as a panel beater. As for the ladies, we were a little harder to convince… Megan saw Adam’s enthusiasm and drive and Jack’s skill and perfectionism, and decided it was worth giving a go. But me? I was a nooo… not even a little bit… this is a horrible idea.

The fact that we are here today shows how much store my family puts in what I have to say… BUT THANK GOD FOR THAT!

Ironbark ran as a hobby for around 2 years, developing our branding and refining our designs and fabrication techniques while Jack and Adam both worked full time jobs. It’s safe to say there were plenty of long days and late nights put in by these two, and as much as Megan and I whinged and complained that they were never home, we can now officially say that their hard work has paid off. By 2016 our products were drawing attention and our little enterprise was out-growing its hobby status. So in October of that year, we decided that this venture deserved to be given the opportunity to become a fully fledged business. So here we are! Ironbark Metal Design continues to grow thanks to all of you, the people who see the value in shopping ‘small’..locally based and family owned products. Sure, you could buy a mass produced screen or fire pit for cheaper than what we can produce but nothing beats knowing that your purchase has been made from Australian steel, by a family who take pride in what they do, in a suburb just down the road from you. Above all, you can be sure that your Ironbark piece is going to last. Before your family has sat around your new fire pit, our family has sat around the prototype and given it hell (seriously…) to ensure that it is durable, functional and safe. We’re confident in installing our products in your homes because we’ve installed them in our homes first. Honestly, our houses are easily recognisable because they are covered in Ironbark prototypes and products – regardless of how many times I’ve told Jack that we are at maximum metal saturation (I came home to new metal wall art hanging in our toilet one day, because any blank space is apparently a perfect candidate for Ironbark-ing!).

It has been 4 years of hard work, challenges, tears (just because we’re related doesn’t mean we like each other all the time) but most of all fun, excitement and love (so gooey right?). From me, a huge congratulations to Adam, Jack and Megan on all of the blood, sweat and tears they have shed over the past 4 years but most importantly, and from all of us, a ridiculously huge thank you to YOU! Whether it’s a like, comment or share on our social media pages, telling your friends about us or purchasing an Ironbark product, it really does mean the world to us.

To show our appreciation we are offering 15% off all of our standard fire pits until midnight AEST Sunday 27th May 2018. Just mention this post when placing your order, via email ( or phone (02 4229 2222) and we’ll deduct 15% from the total cost of your order. Click HERE to browse our range!

IronBark at Sculptures in an Orange Garden

Hello!! First of all an apology to all of our Ironbarkers who take the time to read our blog posts. Our Weekly Bark turned into the Monthly Bark and then I had a baby and it turned into a no-bark-at-all BUT, WE’RE BACK! From here on in we aim to post at least one Bark Blog a month, more if I’m feeling super productive! What would you like to see in our blogs? Purely updates on our jobs and the how and what of our fabrication process or would you be interested in a little more of a personal aspect? Running a family business there is always a story to tell!

Sculptures in an Orange Garden Exhibition

This week I’ve made the decision for you…I could give you a straight recount of our weekend at the sculpture exhibition in Orange, NSW but there is a much more entertaining side to the story that will hopefully give you a bit of a laugh (it was more of a laugh or you’ll cry experience for us and believe me…there were tears).

The Steel Bloom Sculpture (shown below) was conceptualised by Megan and then fabricated by Jack with a lot of group work holding all of the petals in place so that we could ensure that the final product was going to reflect Megan’s vision. Inspired by our original Lace Leaf Sculpture, the piece has 3 stainless steel petals overlaid with a rusted lace leaf. The photos do not do this piece justice and when the light catches the polished steel it is STUNNING!

We made a decision to have the sculpture completely sealed with a new product that was SUPPOSED to bind to any surface. We collected the sculpture early Friday morning and found that this product in fact did not bind to anything…the seal was peeling off the rusted lace leaves and had bubbled on the plinth. DISASTER and understandably heart breaking for both Megan and Jack who had worked so hard on bringing this gorgeous piece to life. We stood around and stared at it for a while and then decided that with all of the time and effort that had been put into the piece it would be a waste not to exhibit it so we loaded it in the Ironbark ute and set off for Orange. Six hours later (including a lunch break…of course) we were in Orange and at the mercy of the GPS which politely advised us that our destination was 500m ahead on the left….in true GPS fashion it was, in fact, about 10metres on the left which led to Jack putting the brake through the floor of the Navara. The sharp movement caused a weld at the top of one of the petals to give way so that one of the petals was now flapping in the wind. Cue more tears…

Steel Bloom Sculpture

This is where our story takes a turn…the hosts and volunteers of the Sculptures in an Orange Garden were unbelievable. The women ushered Megan inside immediately and administered the trusty solution to everything (tea and chocolate) and the men congregated around the car to inspect the damage before leading us around the back to a shed and welder where Jack performed metal art CPR. After placing the Steel Bloom in its designated area we set off to enjoy the rest of the sculptures and then explore the beautiful area that is Orange, NSW. This exhibition was a collection of diverse styles of sculptural pieces and it was incredible to see what ideas and techniques fellow exhibitors had produced.

While the ultimate end to our weekend would have been the sale of our sculpture, we are happy that we now have opportunity to sandblast and reseal the sculpture and also reinforce any weak points in the welds….not that we expect the eventual resting place for this piece to be anywhere where it will be victim to the inaccuracies of a GPS or the very reliable brakes of a Nissan Navara.

So there… what a weekend. Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope you had a bit of a laugh at our expense! Keep an eye out for this beauty on our Ironbark Shop once we have it up to our premium IronBark standard.

You can read all about the exhibition HERE.

The IronBark Team

Cover image: Visit NSW via Google

IronBark at Sculptures In the Valley

Hello again Barkers!

We hope you all had a lovely Easter and Anzac break, we definitely ate our weight in chocolate! We’re viewing it as a personal challenge to see how fast we can eat all of our chocolate… if it’s not in the cupboard anymore we can’t eat it right?

Privacy Screen - 3D Autumn Tree Pattern by Ironbark Metal Design


We have done some really stunning installs this month including a new panel on an automatic gate and the installation of some nature themed panels in a collaboration with Lifestyle Aluminium. The gate proved to be VERY popular on our social media platforms and we can see why… We can’t think of a better way to make a stellar first impression on your guests.

Custom Rusted Corten Steel Gate

Corten Steel - Sliding Gate by Ironbark Metal Design


Our appearance at The Home Show at the ICCC last month was so successful that we have started exploring other exhibition opportunities closer to home. Our next appearance will be at Sculptures in The Valley being held at Cedar Grove, Kangaroo Valley from the 5th-7th of May. This exhibition features over 140 indoor and outdoor sculptures from the wide array of ridiculously talented artists. Our lead artist Megan will be entering a very popular piece that she designed for our sculpture collection.

Want to know what it is? You’ll just have to come and see!

The Waratah Sculpture

The Waratah Sculpture


All of the details of the show can be found HERE.

The Sculptures in the Valley exhibition is being held as part of the Arts in The Valley Festival which showcases a collection of live musicians and visual artists. Why not spend a day with the family in a beautiful part of the world appreciating some of the exceptional talent that we have in this area.

We hope to see you there!

The IronBark Team

We’re at The Sydney Home Show!

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