We are back!! 

Ok well we’ve actually been back for almost 4 weeks now but it has taken me this long to sit down and get this blog post written! We definitely hit the ground running this year, we kicked off the year with brand new signage for our factory and, we are pretty damn proud of if it we do say so ourselves! The Cube is one of our favourite sculptures and we decided to add a little bit of a twist..(literally…it spins!)  We also got our creative juices flowing on the framing (which is in the process of rusting).  Our rusted garden edging really sets it off and it was turning heads as soon as it was installed … What do you think?

Below is another recent project we created in collaboration with our clients. This couple came to us looking to fill in some openings in their new outdoor area with decorative screens that would still allow light and air flow, but provide some privacy as well as function as an aesthetic feature. The owners were stoked with the finished product and did a seamless job of mounting them themselves. We are very proud of this one…

That’s all for now, ready for another busy week of creating magic!

Until next time Barkers, 

The IronBark Crew