Our products aren’t just about looking beautiful! We supply a wide range of professionals with a variety of structural and functional pieces as well.


Our natural rusted steel garden edging gives a crisp and modern finish to a newly landscaped garden while tying in beautifully with nature’s colour palette. We also supply custom built arbours, archways, planter boxes (in a variety of shapes and sizes), steps and sculptures.


Auto repair & Maintenance

Do you require a unique part that is difficult to source or requires an unreasonable wait time to order? With Jack having a background in auto-repairs and a passion for 4 x 4, we have a good understanding of what you may require and may be able to make your job significantly easier and more efficient.


We are able to supply strong and reliable braces and base plates designed specifically for your unique purpose whether it be supporting sculptures in displays or more permanent fixtures in outdoor settings. The possibilities when it comes to building and construction accessories are endless and we are always open to new suggestions and challenges.