• Standard practice when it comes to fire pit care is to

    ensure that you regularly clean ash and debris from the bottom of your fire pit.

  • Make sure that you don’t allow water to sit for long periods of time as this will accelerate the rusting process of steel fire pits and may cause them to corrode prematurely.
  • Furthermore, avoid putting out a fire by spraying it with water as this can cause the temperature of the steel to drop suddenly, which can weaken the steel and result in cracks. Instead, allow the fire pit to burn out slowly and return to a normal temperature naturally.
  • We recommend using seasoned wood in your Ironbark fire pit, as it provides a much cleaner burn and creates less buildup. 

Keep your fire pit protected by investing in one of our Hardwood Lids or a fire pit cover. This will stop water, leaves and debris from accumulating between uses. Plus, our locally sourced, handcrafted Hardwood Lids make charming outdoor tables when the weather is too hot for fire.


The beauty of the natural rust finish is that the finish of each product is unique. Rusting is an organic process which cannot be controlled so we can’t guarantee the final colour and in many cases, the patina will continue to develop over time.

Taking care of your fire pit will depend on a number of factors including your location and weather conditions of the area. For those areas close to the coast, it may be beneficial to clean your Ironbark fire pit more frequently as the the salt residue and harsher weather conditions may cause your product to corrode quicker. Simply spray your fire pit with the garden hose but make sure that you don’t allow water to sit in the bottom as this will increase corrosion of the steel.

Medium Round Fire Pit with Spirals Pattern & Black Heat Proof Paint

Medium Round Fire Pit with Spirals Pattern & Black Heat Proof Paint


Due to the properties of steel, rust will invariably break through the painted finish. Therefore, it is important to re-coat your fire pit with heatproof paint (available from Bunnings) on a regular basis. And even cover your fire pit or bring it in out of the weather when not in use.




Geo Firebowl with Stainless Steel Base & Hardwood Lid

Geo Firebowl with Stainless Steel Base & Hardwood Lid

Like any steel product, the life of your fire pit is dependent on the conditions that it is exposed to. When your fire pit is not in use, we suggest either keeping it covered or cleaning out your fire pit so that in the event of rain, the wet debris sitting in the base does not accelerate the rusting process and corrode your fire pit.


Our Hardwood Lids are a great way to keep your fire pit covered. Care of your timber lid is dependent on exposure to weather conditions but a light sand and coat with oil every 6-24 months will ensure that your Hardwood Lid is kept looking beautiful for years to come.

If you have any further questions about how to take care of your Ironbark Fire Pit, please contact us HERE.