How much can I expect to pay for a fire pit?

Can I have a different pattern?

That size doesn’t fit in my space, is there anything a little smaller?

I can get a cheaper fire pit elsewhere..

Our team hears these questions and statements frequently and we have an answer for all of them!

First of all, the prices of our standard fire pits range from $150 (our collapsible fire pit) to $1300 (our double-skin fire pit with heatproof paint). Of course custom sizing, patterns or finishes would result in adjustments to pricing but we have attempted to cater for most needs within our standard fire pit range.

Our collapsible fire pCollabsible Fire Pit by Ironbark Metal Designit is not only the smallest, but also the most budget-friendly option in our fire pit range. This style is popular with campers/4WD enthusiasts because it packs away to a relatively compact and streamline size so it can be easily slotted into the back of the car without taking up valuable packing space that could be used for other essential items (food, food and more food) or the not so essential (that port-a-loo that the wife just won’t travel without but refuses to empty). ┬áIt is also popular with those who have limited outdoor space and want to be able to have the occasional fire but can’t afford to sacrifice the space all year round.

A step up from this in pricing would be our Round Fire Pits. Available in Squat, Medium or Large, come in a variety of patterns and are probably one of our most popular fire pit styles. This style is more suited as permanent fixture in you outdoor space but of course can also be packed away if you have the space. These fire pits are where the fun begins with patterns!! The options are endless and we have so far done everything from our floral or fanfare patterns to themed fire pits (footy teams, beer brands or favourite animals). A few clients have gifted these fire pits and have asked to have certain phrases or family members names incorporated into the pattern which we think is a really beautiful and unique gift.

Double skin firepit - Wattle pattern by Ironbark Metal Design

Next up and probably at the top of our price bracket is the Double Skin Fire Pit. Now this baby is a work of art with two layers of patterned steel incorporated into the final product producing a delicately intricate silhouette from the glow of the fire.

None of these fit your needs? Contact us! We can always adjust sizing, patterns or even develop a unique design with you to make sure that you end up with exactly what you are after.

Finally…Yes, you could get a cheaper fire pit elsewhere BUT when you purchase an Ironbark fire pit you know that your fire pit has been designed and fabricated for you…just you! It hasn’t been one of 100 that have been pumped out that day and it has had the tick of approval from our resident perfectionist and fabricator. Plus, you can’t beat that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a local business because you know what they say…when you purchase local an actual person does a happy dance.